Hi, im abbie, im 15, i live in cumbria (england) and my second name is rear .. yes rear ... as in an arse.. godd get over it
Not much i can say really, just an average girl dont see myself as unique or different.
Hate the way i follow the crowd but dont like being "skitted" for individuality because i can't be bothered with the hastle. Fairly shy around new people but quite loud around people i know.
Yes? i'm known as sarcastic and i do like to say things are they are and just tell people what i think of them!
ALL AGAINST BULLYING (Its makes me so fucking angry)
Woud give anything to be skinny and pretty but you just gotta live with what you have and accept yourself.
Most of them time i sit here where i am now (on my bed) on the computer on facebook looking at the bitching and arguments and listening to songs on youtube, but not the real people singing them .. thats no fun i like listening to other people singing because im cool :P
I wasn't born to waste my time on people who hate me but to make the most of my time with friends and family.
Couldnt live without music. Any type. Love it all (apart from that classical shizz)
Done basically everything that becomes legal when your 18 before im even 16 and regret it all
Hate to attention seek but i have possibly had the worst life ever so far, but. Things can only get better.
Got an amazing boyfriend! Sounds really cheesy. But i love him <3 :3

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im really not as boring as i look i just dont really understand tumblr :3


that french exam was torture.